Savannah   Oil  Services Cameroon  S.A  is a Cameroonian private owned company founded in  January 2016 with a capital of over 54 005 369 Dollars piloted by experienced Oil field management personnel. At Savannah we are committed to operate incident free, placing safety as foremost in the delivery of our services.


Our current investments stands at over  20m us dollars since its inception.Savannah Oil Services Cameroon  S.A posseses one 1500HPL  land rig[KOMAKO 1 onshore Rig] and also one offshore jack rig of 1200HP

At  Savannah we pride ourselves leader in energy services  .Our   onshore Rig [KOMAKO  1] is presently at  work at Gaz  Du Cameroun site at Logbaba Douala.

Our  focus is on National and International markets, costing effective Rigs. We also engage in exploration and  development   jobs, supply  and install/ maintain electrical submersible pumps and perform slick line operations.

Savannah osc, also create client and stake holders values through  organizational growth and safe operations. we deliver incident free safety, operational quality through superior operating performance in order to create value for our customers.


  • Our HSE rules.

Health and Safety is foremost in the delivery of our services we deliver safe and efficient drilling services, provide our personnel

with security an enabling environment to those around were our operation are taking place.

Our management policy is designed to obtain an acceptable world-class safety in performance as we expand.

  • Our vision

Is strongly rooted and founded at first, not above all but linked with everything in our company; to establish ourselves as leader in energy service through innovation and technology in Cameroon, Africa and the world at large as one of the pioneer Cameroonian energy drilling provider.

We have also evolved and does exploration and development jobs, supply in stull energy services.